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Waltzing Ma Thilda

It's Midnight in Berlin… a piano that has lived a long life needs to be played.

Emily is talked into an impromptu solo performance. Friends for life are made. A proper gig is promptly organised! 
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Gigging in New York City

What a thrill to play at the oldest Jazz bar in New York, Arthurs tavern. Mind is officially blown. EMILY GRANT's first celebrity endorsment 

Welcome to New York City!

What a way to be welcomed to New York City! A rooftop soiree overlooking Manhattan with fabulous friends! 

The Brewer
The Mad Man (of the Monogamous Don Draper kind)
The Famous Photographer
The Wine
The View
The Awesome-ness




Monsta Lord of Sound

You would think that studios would get more glamorous over time. We have been working with Kieran for nearly 20 years and he's now has the pleasure from working from our closet under the stairs. 

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