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Behind Closed Doors

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This is from the "Turning around" EP


Why does she not stop crying?
Every night it’s the same thing, dragging her
underneath it all, it’s just not logical.
We all can see she has it all

The truth is, her money, her beauty and her society
It never saved her from tragedy

How can you stop believing?
Why are you questioning everything?
You’re the one, who brought us here on
Bended knee, you promised eternity
And a faith that parted seas
And now these waters, are drowning me

The truth is, it broke him, it tore him apart and crushed his heart
But how could he lead them, when his faith was bleeding, was bleeding away

Look at them gazing lovingly
Inspiring jealousy, in all who see
But underneath her dress
Lies the bruises of his forced caress
And when she looks at him
Its nothing more than fear and loneliness
Its true, you know it, c’mon confess it
We do assume to know, what goes on
Behind closed doors