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Turning Around

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“Musical sophistication, individuality, diversity and a touch of simplicity all tastefully infused into an impressive whole. By the third play through … I was hooked” feature track review, bandcamp; so reads an early review of ‘Turning Around’; the latest release from EMILY GRANT; the unlikely but formidable duo of classically trained pianist Emily Coyle (piano, vocals) and rock loving guitarist Grant Staines.


Everyone keeps asking me
How I wish my life could be
And I retell my legend tale
But it seems fake and old and getting stale
Coz somewhere along the line
I awoke to find
The means to my dreams
Had made me slave to the grind

The lessons of my life
Haven’t found me yet
Well I should have learned by now
But still I forget
How the disappointment felt
To let you down my friend
To let myself down

But I’m not starting again,
I’m just turning around and walking back down
This foolish road I found,
So long ago

So long ago