The weird and wonderful of Berlin

Berlin is famous for its contradiction in its approach to laws. On the one hand,  you have to recycle your rubbish into 17 different bins (brown glass, green glass, clear glass, organic material, cardboard, tin .. the list goes on!) On the other hand, it seems if you want to open a bar, find a building, knock a hole through the wall and start serving drinks. Alternatively, you might like to just bike a bar around town ... oh yes, it's a bicycle bar. It comes complete with draught beer which you drink as you cycle around town. 

Spotted several times around town, Berlin's bicycle bar!

A small reminder of the what's left of the Berlin wall, the history of which is ever present in the hearts of Berliners ... 

Overlooking the vast, urban landscape of Berlin ... 

Check point Charlie. Em crossed checkpoint Charlie for REAL in 1981 ... but that's another story 

The holocaust memorial in Berlin ... haunting


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