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Culture in the Big Apple

It can't be all work and no play in York. Loads of incredible dining and culture to be had.
Wow! An absolutely incredible meal at Betany's, New York City! 

Then we played credit card roulette to pay the bill.

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Bad tourists

Time Square and Emily

We are notorious for being bad tourists. We visit amazing cities and don't do any of the touristy things. This included living in Edinburgh for a year and never visiting the Edinburgh Castle. That's the good…Read more

Gigging in New York City

What a thrill to play at the oldest Jazz bar in New York, Arthurs tavern. Mind is officially blown. EMILY GRANT's first celebrity endorsment 

All in a days work, New York City

  This is what our days look like in New York.  Morning are for sleeping, then it's on to our rehearsal rooms in Times Square for some jamming'. A spot of lunch and live music in Central Park 

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Welcome to New York City!

What a way to be welcomed to New York City! A rooftop soiree overlooking Manhattan with fabulous friends! 

The Brewer
The Mad Man (of the Monogamous Don Draper kind)
The Famous Photographer
The Wine
The View
The Awesome-ness




Heading overseas

This is about as much as you can enjoy a glass of Rose! Before you take off for 3 glorious months to tour your new EP in London, New York and Europe!