Playing at the Tennessee Jazz Bar was such a thrill and we got such an amazing reception from the crowd who all left with copies of our new EP "Turning Around". 

Fairy lights should be compulsory at all venues. And…Read more

PARIS, Part one

It seems crazy to say, but we had to talk ourselves into leaving Berlin (so in love were we) and go to Paris to play some music to the gorgeous Parisians!! 
We jagged a secret hotel deal through last minute… Read more

Berlin Festival of Musik

Our show at the Berlin Festival of Musik was great fun. The whole city celebrates music in the streets, and cafes and bars across the city! We played at ORI, a collective run by lovers of arts and music. 

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NHOW Music Hotel

We were so thrilled to be invited to play at the WILD TURKEY showcase at the famous NHOW Music Hotel in Berlin! 
We were even more excited to find we had our own backstage digs complete with a fridge full…Read more

Hepcats Corner

This is a great little place on the canals of Kruezberg.  

Pianos everywhere

There are pianos everywhere in berlin. Two of our favourite things in life, playing our instruments and vintage shopping. Here, in Prenzlauerberg, Em could do both. 


Just another fabulous day in Berlin

  We hired a keyboard so that we could work from home. For musicians planning on staying in Europe for an extended period this is incredibly expensive. Particularly when rehearsal studios are really so cheap.  You can hire rooms at… Read more


One of the great things about being in Europe is that music is so much more a part of daily life. Open mics, or open Stage as their called in Berlin are everywhere and you never know who you will… Read more

Berlin love

It was hard to be sad leaving New York when we had two months in Berlin ahead of us. Just look at this place! 

Buildings like this can be found all over berlin! Totally fabulous!

Bellmans bar soon became our…Read more

Culture in the Big Apple

It can't be all work and no play in York. Loads of incredible dining and culture to be had.
Wow! An absolutely incredible meal at Betany's, New York City! 

Then we played credit card roulette to pay the bill.

totally… Read more